Hello, there. It’s such a pleasure to warmly welcome you here!

The name is Hani. Entirely, Salsabila Raihani. Was born in the City of Heroes, Surabaya, on March 2nd 2001. An INFP. I enjoy both local and foreign indie music. I have affection for rom-com, spicy food, rain, adventure, cats, vivid sky, mysteries, online games, Wu Yifan, and Benedict Cumberbatch(!!!).

I often write short stories (too lazy for chapters, but hoping to make one, though), poems, and sometimes random thoughts on everything.

I’ve been running this blog since 2013. This site had changed name for several times. The very first one—which was long ago that I couldn’t remember what the title was, then became ‘frozen fractals’, ‘The Good Villain’, until ‘Philautia‘ in the present.

You can also get to know me more by reading these posts below. And feel free to hit me up here, Twitter, Instagram, ask.fm, or wherever you find me ((:

I’m glad our paths crossed each other! Please stay here for a little while, we can have some small talks or even deep conversations and surely some cups of tea, too! ((: