I’m too afraid to look back and learn the past,
I’m too wrecked to handle everything right now,
Yet I’m too coward to run forward,

I’m empty.
My life, my heart, my soul, my mind,


The way cigarettes harm my lungs,
The way shots of vodka burn my throat,
The way heroin ruins my soul,
The way bloods shed of my wrists,
The way scars over my whole body torture me,

Are the only ways to
Make me think that

I’m alive.

I’m still alive.

Terinspirasi dari quotes pada gambar di atas yang kalo ga salah adalah lirik lagu One Republic :3 Maunya sih nyeritain tentang someone with depression who do self-harm, tapi………………yah……………….. ( ._.)/||

Happy Saturday Night!

picture source: this way, lady.


2 thoughts on “Alive

    • HoneyLulu

      Dhan………..apaqah………awak……….turut merasakannya pula? :””
      Tapi kamu ga seekstrem si ‘aku’ kan? iya kan? jangan dongg ;;____;;
      Noooo you are the senpaaaaiii :”””

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